Last night while at my sisters band concert someone came up to me during the intermission and complimented me on how pretty my kids are, and I thanked her…then she asked me, right in front of Tyler who has a mind like a steel trap and never forgets a damn thing, “are they half-breeds”… I sat there in stunned silence, thinking
Oh, no she didn’t…

I couldn’t even think what to say – until she repeated her question a little louder (just in case everyone hadn’t been offended the first time, I guess)… once I got my jaw off the floor I told her that they aren’t half anything… they are children -whole, complete, beautiful children. She didn’t get a chance to say anything. If Tyler hadn’t been with me I would have let her have it, but he picks up so much that I didn’t want to call any more attention to what she said – for a change he missed her comment and just caught mine… after I made my comment he looked at her and smiled and said “yes, I’m a beautiful children”… and that’s when I walked away. I didn’t want my baby to see his mommie put somebody thru a wall, and my sister probably didn’t want to be known as the sister of the lunatic who started a fistfight at the Christmas concert… Anyway, I’m starting to calm down about it. It just really took me off guard because the lady was not white – I guess I’ve anticipated that kind of stupidity from my race… or even if an older person of any race had said it I would have just chalked it up to the era she grew up in (for example, my grandpa loves my kids, but to this day refers to black people as “colored”… like his skin is see-thru or something… last time I checked we ALL had color…). ANYWAY, back to the topic, this lady was fairly young, and I don’t know if I mentioned this, but she looked like she may have had mixed ancestry herself… I really think she may have been mentally disabled. Even so, I have never wanted to clock someone so badly in my life as I did in the moment after I heard the word half breed come out of her mouth… I’m not sure I handled that in the best way, but that was the most graceful approach I could think of at the time. I don’t have a huge problem with people asking me if my kids are biracial, but the term “half-breed” indicates something less than complete, or unnacceptable and that word seriously offends me and for me is in the same category as the n-word… now that it’s happened I’m wondering if I overreacted, but then I think that since so few people do act, it’s almost necessary for me to overreact to stupid comments like that just to make up for all the people who let it slide… This is the first time that a stranger has made an insensitive comment to me (I guess it’s never happened before because Tyler is so fair)…

I had another first last night, too… another lady came up to me and asked me if Halle was my baby – I thought that was a pretty dumb question and laughed and said “no, she was so cute I snatched her froms omeone outside”… It hit me after I got home that she might have been assuming that Halle wasn’t mine, that I was a babysitter or something, because of the difference in our skin color.

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