Drop the Chalupa

Last night Tyler was doing somersaults and modified cartwheels through the living room chanting “drop the chalupa”. Halle was giggling like a nut! She seems to be exhibiting all the classic signs of teething. With the exception of drooling and chewing on stuff, Tyler never really teethed. Halle isn’t eating as well as usual the past few days and seems cranky. I think I remember somewhere that sometimes sucking is uncomfortable for teething babies, but since I never went through it with Tyler I’m not sure. Anyway, Halle is barely eating in the mornings and then eats a lot in the evenings, but she kinda plays with her bottles, she doesn’t just suck it down like she used to. She’d rather watch Tyler do whatever he’s doing. I had to make him sit down (not an easy feat for him) this morning just so she’d eat.

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