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Monday, Monday…

Joel called me Saturday morning to ask me if he gets to declare Tyler this year. Is it that hard to remember he gets odd years? I told him I’d have to look just because he irritated me. Also, he only declares Tyler when his CS is current, and DCSE says it ain’t. I don’t really care one way or the other, I upped my whatchacallits and hardly had any taxes taken out anyway. I also had another lovely conversation with Joel’s mama on Saturday. She wants Tyler to come and visit Joel this summer in VA while she’s down there, which is fine with me. However, when we first talked about it she was wanting Tyler to be there the whole time that she would be there, which would be 3-4 weeks. I just said we’ll see because I feel like that is a decision that Joel and I need to make. I told Joel that I didn’t think Tyler’s first time away from me needed to be that long… he’s never been away from me longer than 3 days. I said two weeks would be a good start and we can eventually work our way up to him going to his dad for a month or 6 weeks during the summer. But by the time this summer visit rolls around, he’ll have not seen joel for about 10 months. Joel says fine, no problem. Then his mother calls me today and tries to tell me that Tyler will need to be there for 3-4 weeks, then as we get deeper into the conversation, I determine she’s really talking about 5 weeks maybe 6 because there is a family reunion planned the third week of August that she wants to stay for. I planted my feet firm and told her that will not happen. This first visit WILL NOT be longer than two weeks. And then she actually asked me how I felt about Tyler flying alone. HELLO!!!! he is 3! Well, he’ll be 4 by the time this trip rolls around, but I don’t think so! I also made it clear that ALL finances involved in this trip were Joel’s responsibility – he was the one who decided to move clear across the country and although I’d be happy to try and get a buddy pass from Roro and escort Tyler there, I’m not paying a damn thing. I love Joel’s mom, but Joel needs to make his own arrangements with me and quit trying to let her be the go-between. Speaking of buddy passes, that may not even be an option. The physical therapist told Roro Friday that he’ll never be able to return to work at 100%. Lovely, huh?

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