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Weekend alone…

I went out Friday night (part of my efforts to move on). I had fun, was on pins & needles waiting for Roro to show up at the club but he didn’t. I met a guy, Mark, who was very nice, gave me his phone number (and didn’t ask for mine, 10 points, buddy!) and didn’t grope me on the dance floor. Tree was there, however (Roro’s BF) and I am surprised that he hasn’t told Roro he saw me, and even more surprised that if he did, Roro hasn’t said anything to me. And except for calling me Thursday wanting tickets, he hasn’t called at any inappropriate times. Of course, I find it interesting that since I told him to leave me alone and that he needs to spend time w/Halle on his own he hasn’t been by to pick her up. Saturday afternoon when he finally got in touch with me he wanted to know where we’d been, that he had wanted to come get her. Of course, he never called my cell phone, it just so happens I was two miles away from his house at the Chinese Cultural Festival and could have easily dropped her off. Same thing Sunday, he called in the afternoon while she was napping. He needs to get it through his head that he can’t just wing through anymore. He needs to make reservations. Our time is valuable.

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