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Humpday again already?

I called Roro this afternoon and told him that I am not going to file against him in court. I told him that if he wants Halle’s interest to be protected that he needs to go file… I would have to take at least half a day off work to go file and he is off work right now anyway, so it’s not like he doesn’t have the time. I also told him that I am not going to give him something to throw in my face later, because even though he was the one who wanted me to do it, you all know how he is. I told him that it’s up to him to take responsiblity for his daughter, I can’t make him do it and anything he gives will be up to him, I can’t make him and I’m not going to ask the courts to make him. We also got into a discussion about him not giving me anything at all, and he said that he’s broke and doesn’t have anything to give me… I said I won’t touch that… but he pressed it so I said, what about your cell phone? he said that’s only $29, what would $29 do for you? I said, buy a case of diapers at sam’s club which would last the baby almost a month, buy 3 cans of formula which would last two weeks… he said that if I needed formula or diapers I should have said so and he would get them… I said I shouldn’t have to ask, you should just do it or at least offer or ask if I need anything. If you have an extra $29 it should go to your daughter before it goes to AT&T.

I am thinking I’m sending my sis back to my mom. I am tired of repeating myself, tired of $$ mysteriously disappearing, tired of everything…

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