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quick update…

I got Halle’s ears peirced on Sunday! She was PISSED for about a minute and then she was fine, smiling and happy. I got her earrings with the diamond stone in the middle and pink stones all around so it looks like a flower. She looks so cute in them!

Both kids have colds, but only Tyler has pink eye… halle doesn’t have it but I’m putting the drops in her eyes anyway just in case. Halle weighs 18lbs… Tyler weighs 31! I meant to check Tyler’s chart to see what he weighed at 6 mos but I forgot to.

And surprise of all surprises… Roro didn’t pick Halle up yesterday. I just knew that he would wait until it was a time where I wouldn’t let him take her anyway, and sure enough he called at 8:15 knowing that I put her to bed at 9:00. I just started telling him about the doctor’s appt and her ears and said that’s all that’s happened today… I didn’t even bring up him picking her up (or not picking her up, as the case was)… but I’m sure he expected me to. I wish he would stop playing these games… but then what would I get my amusement from? it’s all funny to me…

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