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jobs falling out of the sky

OOOH! I am feeling much love lately! Brian and I worked for Shell Vacations/Orange Tree – I left a little over a year ago, as did he. There was a huge stink with my boss (commonly referred to as the wicked bitch of the west). She basically made some very slanderous statements insinuating that he sexually harassed the female employees and cited several other admins/managers in the office and indicated I could expect to be next on his list and that she was going to take the issue to HR. Well he hadn’t done anything to me but of course I was concerned – I asked one of the admins she mentioned (who was renowned around our office to be a straightforward say it like it is person) about it, and she said she didn’t know what the hell my boss was talking about. Without going into much detail, I gave Brian a general idea what had been said to me. Donna wrote me up, and Brian took the issue to the Division VP, that Donna had no right to reprimand me for discussing a work related issue with him, because he was also a manager and I had the right to discuss any concerns I might have with him. Anyway, my reprimand was retracted and my boss was demoted as office manager! Y’all are probably wondering why the hell I’m telling you this, but that was all background info… I lost touch with Brian around April of last year and he got in touch with me over the weekend and asked if I’d be interested in joining his company as the Administrative manager for his department… and basically said that unless I’m making a million dollars a year he’ll pay my asking price! woohoo!!! Anyway, I sent him an email with some questions… I’ll keep you posted.

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