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Hangin’ in there

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am home and feeling pretty good under the circumstances. The procedure went well and didn’t take
long… I vaguely remember seeing my doctor come in and then not another thing until I woke up in the recovery room some 45 minutes later. I had some strong menstrual type cramping in the hospital and am still having some moderate cramping, but nothing a little Tylenol 3 won’t take care of. I have a whopper of a headache, but I think that’s from not eating or drinking
anything all day. I’m trying to get caught up on water.

I am feeling pretty positive otherwise, too. I said good-bye to Zion before I
went to the hospital and wished him a safe journey. Arria picked me up from
the hospital and stayed until about 12:30AM and we chatted and she stroked my hair and chased my kids and then of all trivial things we searched the
internet for free photo/slide-show screensavers… We’ll see what the weekend brings as far as the post-partum type blahs my doctor said I’d
probably experience. But right now I still feel that this time it just wasn’t
meant to be. I’m not sure if it was because of a problem with the baby, or
the timing (with Roro recently learning he will not be able to return to his
former job, and getting geared up for what will probably be a nasty  visitation/custody battle). Whatever the reason, I will just hold Zion close to my heart and maybe someday he will return to me at a more stable time and in a strong, healthy body.

Thank you all for your collective love… it has been bouyant. I can feel it
shimmering all around us. In this love I feel the strength of Her arms
encircling my family. I am deeply honoured by the kind and loving thoughts
you have shared. In your confidence I rediscover strength I didn’t know I

“It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. I know why you are in my life and I love you for that reason . . .”
~Author Unknown

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