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waiting for the other shoe to drop?

I am still feeling pretty good and am wondering if there is going to be a pit around the corner or something. I have seen some other women really struggle with a miscarriage experience and wonder if I’ve temporarily convinced myself that I’m OK about this. I haven’t had to tell Roro yet. And I don’t like to go to bed. I am a little afraid I will start thinking and start to cry, and I do start thinking but I still feel at peace.

I haven’t done much all weekend except play with Tyler and Halle and send a few emails. Yesterday Tyler and I were putting his toys away and he has a small tickle me big bird that he got for his first birthday, and someone else gave him a larger 123 Big Bird for his second… he asked me, can Halle have this little one for her birthday? And this little ernie? Yesterday I spilled a glass of water and Tyler insisted on cleaning it up, even though I told him twice to go back to the table and finish his breakfast… no, mommi, I have to clean this up for you… no, mommi, I didn’t get all the ice yet. Halle is likely to give me a heart attack… she keeps climbing on anything she can get a leg up on… in fact, I must go because she’s in the laundry basket and trying to get on the sofa now…

Little girls are only cute and small to adults. To other little girls they are life-size, powerful, and fascinating.

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