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We’re getting settled in…

I can tell we’re starting to get settled in… in the early morning hours, before dawn, Halle got up and ventured through the entire house without turning on any lights to crawl in my bed. With the way the new house is set up, she’s actually at the farthest point from my room by foot; but as the crow flies, her wall and mine adjoin (which is why I put the girls there, so I’d be able to hear easier if one woke up crying or coughing). Halle’s pretty timid in the dark, so that was definitely as sign she’s feeling comfy!

Ya know what worries me though? When someone asks her about the house, that she’s going to say that she likes it and there are no bugs. She’s mentioned the lack of bugs a few times. At our other house, we had a problem when they broke ground on two new housing developments with crickets… and after the crickets came, the spiders came. Halle wouldn’t even use the downstairs bathroom! I can just see her saying that there are no bugs in our new house to someone at church, and it’s going to sound like we moved out of a roach infested slum!

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