Tyler was sent out of his class again for disrupting – instead of going to the main office (as instructed) he went banging on the Assist. Principal’s door… where she was in a conference with a parent. After going to the office, he decided to pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher and then proceeded to set it off. He has been suspended. Fortunately he just aimed it at the floor, didn’t hit anyone or spray any walls/papers, and it’s only one day. I asked him why he did it and he said he wanted to see what would happen. They have a student desk sitting right underneath and facing that fire extinguisher – with as much time as he spends in the office I imagine he’s a had a lot of time to wonder how it works. I’m almost surprised it took over three months for him to give in to the temptation. He was having a good week this week, and most of last week. Until today, it had been eight days since he’d been in the office.

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