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Am I totally against medication?

Not totally against it, but in general feel as a course of treatment, it should be used as a last resort, not a first line of defense. I have concerns about it yes, but I am at the point where I feel like I’ve exhausted all other resources. I’ve tried every parenting strategy and consequence I can think of… from spanking to not spanking, extra chores, loss of privileges, loss of possessions (took all his toys out of his room for about two weeks once), restriction to his room… I’ve changed his diet and eliminated all carbs in the AM and he is no longer to eat breakfast at school. We went to a few therapy sessions and that was a waste of time, though it’s probably because of the therapist. I’ve seen improvements to his behavior with two things I tried, but the first lasted two weeks, and the second lasted a little less than that. And it’s not that Tyler’s just not performing to his potential, or that he’s struggling a little bit… he is literally drowning. He is currently failing second grade. If I’m remembering correctly, he only has a passing grade (C or better) in two core subjects (B in math, C in science) and even those aren’t anywhere near his potential. He is reading above grade level, but his other language arts skills are a full year behind (penmanship, paragraph development). He is doing (albeit simple) multiplication and division using his head/fingers/letters in a book as counters, and that’s third grade work… his class is still learning regrouping. And with this NCLB crap, even if Tyler passes 2nd grade, Tyler will not pass third grade (he’ll be required to take the AIMS test) if he cannot demonstrate what we know he is capable of… there is a written essay portion in the test and I don’t know how he’ll pass it, although he can probably complete all other areas (even if not to his potential) through elimination.

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