Beach Babies!

So we went to Santa Barbara on Saturday… we had such a good time!  We watched the skaters at the rollerblade/skateboard park for a little while, and after the beach we did the carousel and then the trolley tour (which Halle and Daija slept through).  We had a great time on the beach, Daija didn’t have *as* great of a time, the waves scared her some.  But Tyler and Halle were really loving it.  Tyler is much more a water baby than Halle is most of the time but he was ready to get out of the water long before she was. 

While they were playing in the water, running out and letting the waves chase them back onto the beach, I sat on the beach with Daija playing with sand (of course she tried to eat some) and I saw a flash of brown in the water maybe 6-10 feet from where the kids were playing in the waves..  I looked harder, and a few seconds later I saw it again… I started to call the kids to come out of the water because I wasn’t sure WHAT THE HECK THAT THING WAS! and then I saw it’s little face poke out… it was a seal! The kids were so excited!  Sammy the Seal swam back and forth in front of them for a little while, poking his head up and smiling his seal-y smile… he stopped dead in front of Tyler for a few seconds, which thrilled him. Then he swam away back into the ocean.  Halle called for him for the longest time, but he didn’t come back. 

I’ll have pictures (of the kids) later this week.  I only had a disposable water camera with no zoom and I was juggling the baby, so there was no way to really get a picture of our friend Sammy the Seal.

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