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The kids are both away for summer visits with family; Tyler is with his dad in VA and Halle is with an aunt in MN. I got the kids on a 3-way call last night, and after a few minutes of conversation, Halle asks Tyler, ‘Can I talk to your dad?’ Joel gets on the phone, and Halle asks of him, ‘Are you being good to my brother?’

I’m telling you, this girl just cracks me up sometimes… She gets me on the phone, asks what did you do today? what are you going to do when we get off the phone? When she was at her dad’s and there weren’t any other kids, I swear she had me on the phone for close to an hour one or two nights, just with a million questions, ‘Is Daija bigger now?’

I got started school shopping and bought most of her uniform stuff last night; I am so excited about the jumper option; she’ll love them and there’s a chance her shirts will stay clean too!

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