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First day of school

We managed to get up and out of the house yesterday! On time, running smoothly. Ro went with us to school; I could tell he was a little ‘alarmed’ by the school. It’s about 50 years old; the school Tyler went to was only 2/3 years old and from what I heard, they went way over budget. It’s also about 50/50 Black/Hispanic, with only a handful of white kids and I could tell he was going to the stupid place about that too. He started asking me about private schools which I’m against at this point; there are none in this area I’d be willing to send the kids too, and I can’t drive across town for the two/three programs I’d be willing to try. We had a heart to heart
about the quality of the teachers vs. the size of the budget and I think he really came around to see my point of view. I pointed out how well Tyler has done there at the ‘gangsta’ school and how much trouble he was having at the ‘country club’ school… and said that if when the kids get older they aren’t getting what they need there I’ll be happy to revisit it but I really feel like it’s important for them to be where they are for now.

Tyler had a great day… all the kids from last year are still in his class, except one of the James’ who is still at the school but apparently not in the gifted program anymore. This James was the James who wasn’t a particularly good influence, so I can’t say I’m unhappy that they won’t be
in such close quarters. There are two new boys, and three or four new girls. Mrs. H said he was a little talkative, but that was to be expected.

The kindergarten teachers at MLK don’t have teacher’s aides (!!!) so I wound up doing that all day yesterday. The kids are just priceless… and a couple of the girls have really high aspirations for kinder. During ‘circle time’, Mrs. A/G was asking the kids what they wanted to learn. Most kids said read, write my name, one kid wanted to learn to do a cartwheel. But Hasani wants to learn to be a mother, either Kayla or Krishelle wants to learn to be a doctor, and Halle announced that she already knows how to read, so she wants to learn how to baby-sit babies. I really like Hasani, she told me while giving me a hug that I have a really small stomach. Made it a point to introduce myself to her mother 😉

Halle’s day had ups and downs… she started off with a bang… happily waved goodbye the first time I went to check on Tyler. Things started to go downhill at the potty/water break. There are 15 girls and 4 boys. There are four stalls in the kinder bathroom. Needless to say, there was a wait for the girls room. It was very hot. Halle is not about being uncomfortable. So 30 minutes or so later, when the teacher needed to turn in attendance and coupled that with a tour of the school so all the kids would know where the nurse and office was, Halle decided it was too hot for a walk so she would just stay in the classroom with me while I made writing packets. I wound up going on the tour of the school. Then, when they started an activity, Halle decided to join me at the work table, and got teary when I sent her back to her seat. When I left to grab something to drink & check on Tyler, she cried. this is when I returned and she wasn’t working. I asked her what was wrong, she said she didn’t’ know what to do. So I’m going over directions, and Mrs. A-G informs me that she knows what to do, because she had turned around to tell someone else what to do. She eventually finished her assignment, and did great at lunch. Cried when I left her room to have lunch with Tyler… when I came back, still not really working. Finally Halle starts working, and almost completes the sheet before Art. She went happily to art without me, and I finished homework folders and chatted a little with her teacher. She did a little better with the activity they did afterwards, but was still more concerned with correcting the mistake the child next to her was about to make than she was with completing her own work. She went to PAC (Phoenix activity city after school program held in he gym), and wanted to stay. So I left for an hour; apparently while I was gone, Miss L. Jones (gifted 2nd grade) went
into the gym, and Halle asked her to stay ‘I want an adult to watch me’… apparently Halle wasn’t satisfied with the three adult staff members of the program. After we got home, I checked her backpack and her homework was missing. When I questioned her about it, she responded ‘I didn’t want it.’ I asked, ‘Where is it?’ and she replied ‘I put it in the trash at school.’ I have explained that the homework was not an optional activity. Last night I told her what a great kindergartener she was, and then went on to explain that I would not be able to stay with her Tuesday because I had to work. She indicated she did not want to go back to school, and that she would rather stay with Crystal. She started to cry, but calmed down when I started naming some of the kids who would really miss her. First thing this morning she did not want to go to school, but by the time she was dressed she seemed fine… I took her to school and waited until she had gotten breakfast and that’s all I know. I’m really curious to see how day two went. I have about another hour till school gets out and I’m just dying to know.

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