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Monday, back to work…

Well, I feel like I worked all weekend. My weekend was pretty good – productive. Got a lot of work done in the yard yesterday, and a lot of house cleaning… and I rearranged by bedroom. I think I have a little more space this way, even though I had to give up a little ‘Fung Shui’ to do it. There are only two walls I can put my bed on, and it just so happens that the one that makes sense for the bed, faces the door. But not directly, so I consoled myself with that. The wall that my bed was on is really better suited for an office nook. Anyway, it seems to look better this way, and I can actually feel my ceiling fan now… and I can see my TV from the bathroom (on those rare occasions I remember to check the weather channel!) Got the kids’ Halloween pictures done, and I am now counting down to our appointment for family holiday portraits on 10/30. I have 4 more pounds to go by then… I’ve decided that breaking this weight loss down into five pound increments works a little better! So I’m focusing on getting down to 135 by the end of this month – that probably where I need to be to fit comfortably into most if not all my winter clothes. I probably already told you about my wardrobe crisis; I’m trying really hard to buckle down. I had gotten down to 138 and then shot back up to 144. I went back to phase 1 last week and did pretty well despite the obstacle of a couple oatmeal raison cookies… I took off four pounds. I’m down to 139 now and I’m so excited that 130 is actually on the horizon! Then I’m going to give myself until the PAI Christmas Party to lost another five. I had wanted to get to somewhere between 125-130, so I’m going to see after I get to 130 how that looks/feels before I decide to stay there. Of course, these are very lofty goals considering the holidays approaching. But I made up a 4/5 week meal plan last week and I think that’s really going to help. I wrote down specific days for eating out, which are about half as often as we have been. I think I may just rotate the same plan instead of making a new one every month. Five weeks is a pretty long time to go between having the same meal twice…

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