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3rd presidential debate

I didn’t see any of the other debates but I did catch about half of this one. I was really bothered by Bush deflecting the question on minimum wage and going off on a tangent about NCLB for a couple reasons. While I believe that better education leads to better wages, I don’t think NCLB is going to do that, and frankly, there are educated people out there who are having trouble staying employed so I really was disappointed by his insinuation that the problems in our economy are because of a failure in the education system. There are a lot of educated people who are unemployed and under employed, and the issues in our public education system are not to blame for that. I also wish he would have rebutted some of Kerry’s remarks with something more substatial than stating Kerry didn’t know what he was talking about. I’d have liked to have heard a detailed, concise, and solid reason or reasons WHY he thought Kerry was wrong.

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