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MAJOR Announcement!!!

Those of you who are mothers will understand… the rest of you will think I’m insane. But I’m OK with that… It’s nothing I haven’t known for a long time…

Daija came to me tonight, grabbing her backside and saying ‘boo boo’ (translation: I got #2 in my diaper). I said OK, let’s go get it cleaned up and went to the laundry room, where our changing station is. She walked right past me, and started down the hall. When I went to grab her to take her in to the changing pad, she took off running. Went straight to the toilet and tried lifting the lid (which, for a change, was down like it’s supposed to be). I asked her, Do you want to sit on the potty? And she replied ‘Poh-yee’. So I grabbed the little toilet training insert and got her on there… and sure enough, she finished the last of her ‘boo boo’ IN THE TOILET!!!

Life is good

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