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So I took a plunge from one of the skyscraper high diving boards of parenting today and talked to Tyler (and Halle) about huffing. I’ve been dreading having to do this for so long… you just never want to have to be the one to tell your kids about the bad stuff. But if he doesn’t hear about it from me first… I don’t want to think about where and how he’ll learn it. He’ll be in Jr. High next year. He knows that drugs are bad, and says all the time that he won’t do them… he understands that there are legal and illegal drugs, etc. But huffing is something he might not understand is a ‘drug.’ I’ve been getting these newsletters from www.theantidrug.com (that’s me, btw, in case y’all haven’t heard the PSA’s), and today there was a link to a newspaper article about a couple boys in Michigan that died (Second Bay City teen dies after ‘huffing’ accident). I took it home and had him read it, and we talked about what it means to get high… he thought it meant get taller. Can you just imagine, my little baby who is always complaining about being short and wanting to grow, being offered a way to ‘get tall?’ He’d sign right up. So I explained that sometimes people use drugs to get high, and it’s kinda like people using alcohol to get drunk. And I told him how I hope it never happens, but that some time someone might ask him to get high by breathing some fumes, or smoking something, or taking a pill, or sniffing something into his nose, or injecting something in his arm with a needle. I told him how sometimes kids think that it’s not dangerous to breathe in fumes from paint or gas because you can buy it at the store, but that it’s still really dangerous… it makes you do stupid things like light cigarettes by gas and cause fires, and the chemicals can hurt your body so bad that you can be sitting at home and just fall over dead, even if you’re only 14 years old, or 12 years old, or 10, or 8. I told him that getting high can make you hurt people, and steal from people, even people you love like your family. I told him how if a woman is pregnant and does drugs it can hurt her baby so bad the baby can die, or be born with something wrong with it’s body, or with brain damage that would make it hard for the baby to learn in school. He wanted to know how I learned so much about drugs, so I told him my introduction to the concept (Elvis) and then he looked at me like I was stupid and commented, ‘you know I’m going to think about this tonight when I’m trying to go to sleep’ and I told him I wished I never had to ever tell him anything scary or bad, but that I have to make sure he understands how dangerous huffing is. But he’s sleeping sweetly now, so hopefully ‘Pirates Past Noon’ was what he was thinking of after I turned out the light

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