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Hell, again…

I had to talk to Halle’s teacher yesterday and give her a heads up that one of Halle’s friends from class told her that if Halle went trick or treating, she would ‘go down to the devil’. Well, I wasn’t thrilled by it because Halle gets upset any time she and Hasani have a disagreement, but I know it wasn’t said out of malice. I know the little girl very well and she is a sweet little soul. She always runs up and hugs me whenever she sees me and on Monday told me that she wishes I was her mother. I’ve met her parents, and they are also lovely people. They obviously don’t celebrate Halloween, and I’m sure that they’ve had to try to explain to their little girl why she doesn’t get to dress up or go Trick or Treat, and their reasoning is probably that they believe it is Satanic or otherwise sinful in nature, that God wouldn’t like it, etc. She’s just repeating what her parents believe, but she’s still at an age where everything is either black or white – good or bad – right or wrong. I only brought it up to her teacher because Halle may choose to disclose her version of what we discussed if the subject comes up again at school. I wanted her teacher to be aware of what was going on in case Hasani’s parents call with any concerns that Halle told Hasani something that is contradictory to their religious beliefs.

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