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Our Weekend

We made it to Raleigh and had a really good visit. It’s very pretty there… and the weather was nice. About 10 degrees cooler, but still nice enough for the kids to go outside and play. Steph’s husband, Keith, kept commenting how small it is. I know it’s a capital and everything, but it seemed really rural to me too. I guess because there were so many trees it was hard to see much else 😉 Most of the office buildings I saw were in two story, house like buildings. We went out for tempenyaki (sp?) Saturday, which the kids all loved. Daija kept sharing her (bitten into) food with the couple sitting on the other side of her. The lady was a champ – took it totally in stride and held out her hand for every morsel Daija offered her. I was quite relieved however, that she didn’t actually eat any of it.

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