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VENT: Phoenix Zoo Field Trip/Assignment

So Halle brought home this social studies project she has to complete to go on referenced field trip. I looked at the cover sheet and first page last week, and it looked simple enough… asked her to draw a picture. We’ve been swamped at home and I never got back to it, until last night. It’s due Wednesday, and we should have worked on it over the weekend but it slipped my mind. Anyway, I go through it last night and was pretty irate. The cover sheet indicates she would need minimal assistance… but she’s supposed to list things she wants to see at the zoo, what books she’s read about the zoo, if she hasn’t what books she’d like to read, what animals are found at the zoo, what are only on farms, explain what a reptile is and why the two new rhinos came to the zoo, and write two sentences about why she thinks they have their names. There are no resources included in this assignment (as in, details about the rhinos, lists of books, a worksheet with pictures of animals where she is supposed to circle the ones found in the zoo). It is an essay style assignment and this has to be done all in her own handwriting. Tyler would need ‘minimal’ assistance with this assignment; Halle will need ‘considerable’ assistance.

> —–Original Message—–

> From: Whitmore, Cynthia

> Subject: Phoenix Zoo Field Trip/Assignment

> Halle will not be turning in her zoo field trip assignment on Wednesday.

> My support person is on her second week of vacation and I have had to

> bring work home several nights, in addition to preparing for our holiday

> celebration, and simply do not have time right now for homework that

> requires much more than what I would consider minimal assistance. Please

> accept my apologies as I can’t find a better way to express this, but I do

> not consider this a homework assignment for Halle. Basically, it’s a

> homework assignment for me. While she is more than capable of drawing the

> three pictures independently, there is little else on the assignment that

> either won’t be spelling out for her, or writing for her so she can copy

> it. This assignment is on par with the work that Tyler brings home, and I

> find it a bit much for a five year old who spells and reads only sight

> words, and does not yet write sentences or surf the internet, to be

> expected to manage without considerable help. I will be able to review

> this assignment with her over the holiday weekend, however, I may not have

> the time to stand over her shoulder and dictate animals, book titles,

> sentences, and theories about animal names to her, and much of the

> assignment may be done orally. I understand that probably will not count

> toward her grade, and am willing to accept that. I also understand that

> you may exclude her from the field trip for not completing the assignment.

> I have explained to her that I will take her at another time, since it is

> really my failure to have adequate time to do this assignment, not hers.

> Also, I find some of the questions confusing and am hoping you can

> elaborate. There are, to my knowledge, no animals at the Phoenix Zoo that

> are only found at the zoo. While many are endangered, they can all be

> found in the wild, and Halle is aware of this. There are also a number of

> farm animals at the zoo, and since we have a membership to the zoo, Halle

> is also aware of that… so should we answer that question differentiating

> between the main zoo and Harmony Farm, or answer that question with names

> of farm animals that are not specific to this zoo? Also, in the question

> about what books Halle has read, I am unsure if the question is about the

> Phoenix Zoo specifically since Zoo is capitalized in the sentence which

> indicates a proper name, or what books has she read about a (generic) zoo.

> Regardless, this is going to require more research on my part… to hunt

> down several book titles/authors and descriptions for her to choose from,

> or to try and find the title of the book she has read. I haven’t been

> able to find the one I thought we had; I believe it was donated.

> Thanks in advance for helping clear up my confusion.

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