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Look what the cat dragged in, Part 1

I have recovered from my post election November blah’s and December is winding down… so if nobody minds I think I’ll be back to pester you guys. I went to my last Christmas party last week. Daija’s birthday was yesterday… all the shopping is done for Solstice and Kwanzaa except stocking stuffers and a gift cert for my sis. Although, just to make things fun, I’m planning our

First Annual New Year Open House on Jan 1. I sent out our holiday cards, so I hope you guys receive them before the holidays.

So, how quickly can I recap? Earlier this year I began to feel like my congregation (UUCP) just didn’t meet the needs of my family, or families in general for that matter. Last March, I had been thinking about checking into another UU that is about the same distance from where I live now as the one I had been attending, but then I met Mike. He was just joining the church (VUU) and finding his space there so I decided not to do anything. I hadn’t been to church since May but since our ministers take summers off I didn’t really feel the impact until services would have resumed. I was missing the UU community, but knew I didn’t want to go back to UUCP. I was

kinda stewing over the fact that I was stuck with no church because no way could I go to the other one and risk seeing Mike. I had a bells and whistles moment and realized I needed to be there for a particular service and told him I was going to invade his church space (this was mid-Nov). Turns out he wasn’t attending all that regularly anyway because of his schedule, but he acted like the possibility of me attending there was the best idea he’d ever heard. That conversation led to a realization that although he had respected my wishes that he not call me, I was getting a lot of mixed messages from him. He was emailing me more often than warranted

(usually once a week) and seemed to want more of my friendship than I was prepared to give so soon after a painful breakup. We had been broken up for well over two months and it still felt like it had just happened. I was fine if I was busy, but once it was time to lay down, or if I was alone in my car with my thoughts, I would cry more often than not. So in the midst of this mental crisis I was having I realized that I was avoiding dealing with this grief, and that he might be doing some avoidance of his own in regards to his expectations being very idealistic. I felt and I needed to acknowledge it and face him. I called him and asked if we could talk, either directly over the phone or in person, because we were both avoiding dealing with some things and neither of us doing all that well with the break up. That was a Thursday, and to my surprise he suggested we get together Saturday. Then Friday he cancelled and asked if we could reschedule for a week or two later due to finals for his classes. He has continued to email me but has made no mention of us talking and determining, realistically, what kind of relationship we could honestly have with each other. He seeks me out, but unless we are talking about ME, MY work, MY kids, MY family, the conversation just dies. Last Friday I told him that I didn’t see why he continued to contact me; he isn’t open or communicative with me and because of that I don’t feel comfortable being open with him, and that it’s just not much of a friendship. He emailed me back and said

that he understood and I am right. I’m not sure exactly what that means. I know I’m right… I’m always right. Almost, anyways. But regardless, I felt better about the situation with him from the point I hung up the phone from asking him if we could talk and I haven’t cried since. I realized that although I do/did care very deeply for him, it was the comfort of the relationship I was grieving as much, if not more, as losing his presence in my life. I was disappointed, but not crushed the next day when he asked to reschedule. While I’m not thrilled that he never followed up with it, the fact that we still haven’t talked really doesn’t bother me that much. I guess I feel like I’m finally ‘over it’… and for he and I to talk now would just involve me going back to a place I don’t want to revisit. I think Mike is still a phenomenal person and care a great deal about him, but his inability to open up to others or to deal with emotional issues will not make it possible for us to be friends. At best, we can be two people who parted on friendly terms. Right now I’m trying to figure out a way to tell him this as kindly as possible. He’s out of town until 12/28, so I have a little time…

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