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Look what the cat dragged in, Part 2

OK, volume one was the past six/eight weeks… this one is more about right now. I’m checking out Valley UU and there are a lot of things I really like about it. UUCP is in a very wealthy area and has way more empty nesters and seniors than families… VUU is in a suburb and so there are a lot more families. They have a much stronger RE program and I met with the Directorof RE and really liked her and where she wants to go with it. The congregation as a whole is a little more diverse than the one at UUCP, which is good. But I’m still feeling it out – I’ve been to four services. I really liked the first three, but had mixed feelings about this last Sunday.I think the Christmas Eve service may be a deciding factor.

Halle has blossomed from reading sight words to reading ‘easy readers’ independently. She still objects to new books, but once she’s gone through a book once she likes to read it over and over. I’ve seen her take a couple level 2 Barbie readers that I had bought for her, when Tyler was in level 2s o he could read to her… she adds ‘contextual’ words whenever she hits something she can’t sound out and she’s pretty good at keeping with the story line. Joel flew in last Wednesday and he & Tyler left on Thursday morning.They’ll be back on 12/29. Santa will come at Solstice (Christmas) and we’ll start Kwanzaa on 12/26 and just let Tyler catch up after he gets here. But our family gift exchange we’ll do on 12/31 at Karamu (the traditional Kwanzaa feast). I’m looking forward to finally doing Kwanzaa.

I’m reallys truggling with Tyler’s meds; it’s normal to have to titrate up several levels to find the most effective dose, but his appetite has just plummeted and he’s been expressing some really anxious thoughts about how his peersperceive him. I’ve talked to his teacher and the staff at his after school program and they all say that Tyler is not having problems with the other kids. When I go to pick Tyler up he is always playing with other kids(basketball, kickball, football, board games, etc), but to hear Tyler tell it he is ostracized. I made an appointment for 1/3 with our pdoc. I’m hoping she will be on board with what I want to try; if she’s not I’m going to have to find either a psychiatrist who can handle Rx’s, or as a worstcase scenario, I may have to find another pediatrician for Tyler who specializes in children with ADHD. I’ve been trying to find psychiatrist (not a psychologist or therapist) within a reasonable distance from my home and I’m not having much luck. I really like Dr. S and I think she’s a great (general) pediatrician, but neurological disorders aren’t her specialty and she may not have the ‘right’ experience for Tyler. I’m praying it won’t come to that and if she doesn’t feel comfortable with my suggestion, I’ll be able to find a good psychiatrist who has the experience to do it.

Yesterday morning I gave Daija one of her presents: a doll that only potty’s when she sits on her potty seat. Halle was really coveting that doll so I decided to give it after Halle went to her winter rec program. She absolutely loved it and carted it all day. Then I took Daija to sears and got her 2yo portraits. I have a picture of Tyler and I from his 2yo portraits, so when Halle turned 2 I got hers too. So of course Daija and I had a picture taken together as well. She just loves the camera… the photographer said it seemed like her favorite thing in the world was to haveher picture taken and that she couldn’t believe how well Daija was following her instructions to lay on her stomach, put her hand here, there, etc. I think I may see a runway in this one’s future, especially after the pdoc’s comments.

Then we went to my doctor to talk about my issues… some of which I was having last year when I saw him. Mostly that I think I am undiagnosed add.I have a handle on a lot of stuff I could never keep up with at home, but I’m still struggling at work with the portions of my job that are on the’boring’ side. I really excel at the things that are crisis level, but the ongoing projects don’t get the attention they need. He ordered some labwork to rule out anemia and thyroid stuff (again, but we did that lastyear), and for me to go be screened for add as well as depression. I went through a really rough spot in November, but I really don’t think I’m depressed. I guess I’ll let someone else make that call though.

Then after lunch it was off to Daija’s 2yo well check. Dr. S and I talked for a long time about Daija’s attitude… I’ve never had a hitter before and frankly I’m not sure what to do about it. Dr. S said everything we are doing is ‘right’, and gave a couple other suggestions; we may have to just ride out the phase. I told Dr. S that I feel like Daija’s hitting has a lot to do with her being frustrated because she doesn’t communicate well… that her ‘actions’ seem so much more advanced than her speech. I gave her some examples; if I’m in the kitchen and she’s hungry, she will go to the cabinet and get three kids’ plates or bowls from the cabinet. She will get a glass of water by herself. She will get a stool to reach things. A few weeks ago Daija was on a stool playing in the sink, dumped suds on the floor and said ‘Uh, oh, mama, make a mess’ and got a sponge to wipe it up. Dr. S said wow,that’s five words… we expect an average 2yo to be using 2 word sentences.She was watching Daija put on her boots, and said it was really impressive that she had the coordination/dexterity to put them on herself, and even got them on the right feet. She said that I might have another Tyler on my hands in terms of intelligence. {sigh}. But Daija is 26 lbs, 6 oz, and 36!!! inches tall. She’s still 50th % in weight, but is between the 90th &95th %iles in height. Dr. S says if she’s stays on this trend, she’ll probably be about 5’10”. Model material 😉

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