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My *new* most embarassing moment… EVER.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I experienced what I may think may go down on record as being the most utterly humiliating moment of my life. Background: Toya, my best friends niece, has two kids that go to MLK and one that goes to the daycare Daija goes to. Apparently, a woman dropping off her grandson fell out of her car and had a heart attack in the parking lot that morning, and Toya was there dropping off her kids at the time. I picked up Daija first Wednesday night and Toya asked me if I knew anything about it because she was really worried about the family. I know a lot of people at the school so I told her I’d see what I could find out, and headed over tothe school to get Tyler & Halle. Now, by the time I get to the school, usually the only people there are the custodial staff since the office closes at 4PM. So I see one of the custodians and asked him about it. We talked a little about getting ready for the holiday and a little about how unfortunate that family situation was, etc. The kids saw me pull up and came over and just as they were walking up, he commented ‘I never see your husband.’ I was kinda taken by surprise, and replied ‘No, you probably wouldn’t.’ He asked, ‘Why is that?’ and I just looked at him, and he said ‘Oh, you’re not married’ and something about my ring, which I didn’t really think looked like a wedding band but I guess these days it’s hard to tell. But I digress… I of course there is this huge pregnant pause; I didn’t know what to say in response to that. And in this huge, pregnant pause, my daughter, the one I should have chloroformed at birth, opened her sweet, angelic mouth and said with a giggle, ‘you two look like you’re in love.’ And I felt my face turn purple and after a moment of stunned silence he asked, ‘what did she say?’ and I announced it was time for us to go and just started walking. Halle had already turned her attention to arguing with her brother and in this cacophony of noise, he tried to ask me if we could talk sometime and I just nodded like the village idiot. And a week or so later he did ask for my number. He’s a nice guy but he’s in his early twenties. (sigh) He told me right before my birthday he was dying to spend some time with me. I told him that what didn’t kill him would make him stronger. He’s sweet, but I just don’t see anything coming of it. I feel kinda bad now because I don’t know how to tell him I’m just not interested. If he was five years older, I would probably go out with him, but the difference between 31 with three kids, a dog and a mortgage and 23 with no responsibilities to anyone other than yourself is just too much of a stretch.

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