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Bug Spirits…

So tonight when Halle goes to change in her room, she discovers a ‘black thing’ on her wall. I check it out… it’s a MOTH. I tell her not to worry about it… they’re like butterflies (a bug Halle likes), just not pretty, and not too smart either. She’s starting to panic, so I here I go, to get the Raid. Of course I spray the thing and he’s flying around the room and Halle’s practically hyperventilating. I had to send her to another room to change until he stopped flying around. Halle went to check things out, and came back to me and told me that his head was twitching, and imitated his poor little chemically induced seizures. Trying to instill some empathy, I say to her… He’s close to dying and he really doesn’t feel good. You should send up a prayer for his spirit.

Halle replies, firmly…. ‘Uh uh. He’s a bug.’

Wanna hear something ironic? We observed the last night of Chalica this evening, and we lit our chalice in ‘Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.’

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