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Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2005, everybody! I hope your new year is starting off well… ours is. After a laid back New Year’s at home with the girls, we rang in 2005 with a party on New Year’s Day. The girls had a great time with their old KidVentures playmates and I got a chance to catch up with friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since Halle’s fourth birthday party! A good time was had by all. Then my little man made it home this morning, along with his dad, Joel. It’s nice to have ‘little talking Tyler’, as Ro calls him, home again. Joel will be here for a day or two as the flights are atrocious this weekend.

Tonight we’re having my mother, stepdad, and grandmother over for dinner and to exchange gifts. I am really looking forward to that… not just the joy of giving, but the joy of getting the rest of the stuff out from under the tree so that I can take down the holiday decorations!

Tomorrow is my day off in observance of the New Year, and Tyler has an early doctor’s appointment. His appetite has really dropped off and I think we need to do a med change. I’m hoping to cut back or cut out the stimulants and try Strattera again, now that I have a better idea on how others handle the sleepy side effects. It will be nice for Joel to go to this appointment as well; it gets wearing to make these decisions alone. And he’ll get to go to Tyler’s school as well; I think if Joel is agreeable we’ll have lunch there. Tyler doesn’t really complain, but I know it must be hard to see other kids’ dad’s at school functions.

I’m also going to make an appointment tomorrow to see someone myself; I was doing some research last week and came across on article about a study that indicated ADHD children who have parents with untreated issues (ad/hd, depression, etc) do not respond as well to treatment. I’ve suspected for some time that I’m ADD, and at my physical last month my primary doc suggested I also be screened for depression. I don’t think I’m depressed, but I’m going to look into it anyway.

Well, Daija has the water bottle I use on her and Halle’s hair and has figured out how to squirt it, so I guess that means my blogging time is over. I’ll post updates on Tyler’s appointment and whatever progress I make for mine, sometime in the next week.

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