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Mojo, please.

Y’all know I don’t ask for the good stuff real often, but if you can send something up to my Nana it would mean the world to me. My mom called this morning to tell me Steve (her husband) took my nana to the ER around 3AM this morning because either she couldn’t breathe, or was having trouble breathing. There was a dark spot on her lung in one of the X-rays and they’re sending her for a CT scan. I don’t have a whole lot of details other than that; my mom is actually on the road right now so I’m getting third hand info from her.

I know it could be a lot of things… scar tissue from TB if she ever had that or maybe something left over from when she had pneumonia… but she’s smoked for thirty or forty years now and is in her late 70’s, so even if it wasn’t something so terrible as lung cancer, at her age, anything can get serious real quickly. So whatever it is you do (hands and knees prayer, healing meditations, get nekkid and dance around a candle, you know, whatever)… think of her while you’re doing it. I’d probably be a high school drop out living in a trailer park in kansas with seven kids on welfare right now if it wasn’t for my nana.

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