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‘Uh oh, Mama knock!’

Today I put about 15 boxes of varying sizes on the front porch for a charity pick up. The kids were playing outside while I was moving the boxes from the garage to the porch. Tyler and Halle went inside before I was done, and Daija stuck around with me. I was just rearranging the things in the garage and she was going in and out of the garage door. Just as I was closing the garage, I thought I heard a click. Sure enough, Daija had locked it. I could hear her trying to unlock it and tugging on the door, trying to get it to open. After a few seconds I realized I might be waiting for a while, so I knocked. Then I heard her cute little voice

“Uh oh, Mama knock!”

Unfortunately, the kids were in the back and Crystal had her headphones on. I knocked louder, and I heard the pitter patter of Daija’s little feet running. She ran to Crystal, and tugged on her pants and pointed to the back door. Crystal asked her ‘what?’ and Daija tugged her again. That’s when she finally heard the knocking. I hear Daija’s litle feet running back to the door, and her breathless “Mama!”

Thank goodness Daija loves me… I might have been out there for a LONG time otherwise!

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