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Kid-Speak: This is backwards & other news

 My little princess was cracking me up the other day. She was trying to tell me something and apparentl forgot the word ‘yesterday’ Halle: Mommy, do you remember… that day. The other day. Not today. Then in frustration, with wild hand gestures to indicate a reverse in time, she says ‘not THIS day… this is backwards’ It was just so funny to see her searching for the right word.


And then Daija just threw me for a LOOP before dinner tonight. The table was mostly set, and I asked the kids to grab cups and napkins while I changed out of my work clothes. I’m just finishing and Halle comes in to tell me that Daija poured milk in her cup and spilled some. Visions of a gallon of milk on the already semi-sticky floor prance in my head. As I walk into the kitchen, I say, ‘You guys can’t leave the milk down here where she can get it’, releived that there is only a fist sized puddle of milk on the table bench. Halle says, ‘We didn’t leave it there… she got it herself.’ THAT’S RIGHT! Daija, my 2 years and three week old munchkin, got herself a cup, got out a GALLON JUG (3/4 empty) of milk, and poured herself a glass, 3/4 full, and only spilled that little bit. I turned to go grab a towel, and see this same little munchkin pulling the step stool out from under the sink, and as she steps on to it (looking, I assume, for the dishcloth), she comments to me, ‘Mama, mess.’ I got the dishcloth for her and she took it and wiped up every drop. Isn’t she amazing?

And news on my little man… he got his report card home today (wonder where Halle’s is?) and He his grades are all 1/2’s (a/b’s) in the sections he gets graded work, and almost all S’s in the other areas (PE, Music, Library, citizenship, etc), with the exception of Art, where he got an E for excellent and ‘works to complete tasks’, where he got an I (a C equivalent). His teacher wrote a not that he had done very well this quarter and that she hoped her maternity leave wouldn’t be too big of a change for him. My heart was truly warmed by that, as well as the follow up conversation she and I had after the incident last week.


Oh, and I finally found all the paperwork I needed for that packet for the AZ Child Study Center, so I can drop that off hopefully tomorrow and get on their schedule for last this spring or early summer.

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