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So, the results are in…

Is it a bad sign when, at the end of your first session with a therapist, if he turns to you and says,

I’m going to recommend that you see a good psychiatrist.

With emphasis on the word good. Like a regular old, run of the mill, average skill psychiatrist just couldn’t help me.

All smart comments aside… I’m showing moderate signs of depression, which probably isn’t surprising. I show most of the DSM signs of ADD, which is what I think the problem is. But the thing that hit me clear out of the blue, is that on the behavoiral symptoms index I filled out, my ratings for obessive compulsive order are 16… anything 7 or under is considered normal. I commented to him, ‘I’d expect my house to be a lot cleaner if I had OCD.’

So he thinks I need someone really sharp to make a differentiating diagnosis. I think I’ve been trying to hard to manage ADD that I probably appear really OCD.

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