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Psychiatrist Visit

I saw Dr. Thomas yesterday and talked to him about the problems I’m having as well as the behaviors that made me hit so high on OCD; basically, the behaviors that appear OCD aren’t so much that I’m afraid something bad will happen if I don’t do certain things, it’s more behaviors I’ve adapted to compensate for the ADD (for example, I am constantly checking for my keys, I can’t close my car door unless my keys are in my hand, I can’t walk away from my desk unless my keys are in my hand, I go to wash dishes and notice that the garbage disposal switch is dirty, so then I need to clean all the light plates in the house because if I don’t do it NOW it won’t get done… then I notice the wall around the light plate is dirty, I wash that too… then I notice the door jams and the doors are dirty… now all my light plates, walls, doors are clean but I’m exhausted and there are still no clean dishes). I told him about how it seems like the more the kids need of me, the less able I am to handle the household and perform adequately at work… and that I’d like to take the next step in my department, but I am really concerned that I won’t be able to do the job adequately because of the nature of the job. He feels that I’m definitely doing everything he would suggest to someone with my condition/in my situation. He gave me some Strattera samples to try, which I started yesterday. They take a while to build up, unlike stimulant meds, but I definitely feel different… I can’t exactly describe how. But for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I was able to keep up with my morning meeting and not have my named called twice every time one of my requirements came up in the report. I wasn’t focused on the meeting completely; I was reading the paper online like I usually do, but I was still able to keep part of my mind focused enough on what was going on in the meeting to be prepared when they needed my updates on certain parts.

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