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Strattera: Day 3

So on day three of my initial dose (there are three doses to start with to get you to what the minimal optimal dosage should be; it’s a gradual buildup and you are to take each one for 4-7 days. I think I’m going to be conservative and take each dose for the full seven days). I don’t feel ‘different’ like I did yesterday and Monday, I think I am ‘adjusting’ to the dosage I’m taking this week, but that may also have been some caffeine withdrawal, since I had to cut back the caffeine to avoid it interfering with the effectivity of the Strattera. Not a lot that I said to Dr. Thomas seemed to shock him, until I divulged how much diet coke I drink. I think the last few days I’ve probably had no more than 1/3 of what I usually drink. Finding that lime flavored water is really saving my behind… drinking the bubbles kinda gets me over the craving. I also usually walk down to the cafeteria to get ice for it, which takes care of the times I would go get a drink or snack just to walk away from my desk for a few minutes.

And, I’m on my call as I type this and I have thus managed to respond to two inquiries without being prompted a coupla times 🙂

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