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Can You Hear a Shout in Space?

Tyler was reading this book last week called ‘Can You Hear a Shout in Space’ and there was this section that talked about the speed of sound… and Tyler got this intense look on his face, and said ‘So if you were the FASTEST rapper on the planet…’ and then the poor kid saw me biting my lip to keep a straight face and said ‘never mind…’ I really wish I knew what he had been about to say. A night or two later he was reading this part about astronauts and it was talking about who can become and astronaut. I walked into his room to check on him, and he told me that his new motto is’ Less playing, more learning’, and went back to that page and had me read it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he can probably work for NASA if he works hard enough, but his condition and meds will probably make being an astronaut unlikely.

I consider ADHD a neurological disorder, but a lot of people lump it with depression, bipolar, and other mood disorders… not sure what NASA does. And depending on how you read the requirements, ADHD could easily fall into a category that could be excluded… for example, while it doesn’t spell out ADHD, the section on psychosis does say…

(i) The individual has manifested delusions, hallucinations, grossly bizarre or

disorganized behavior, or other commonly accepted symptoms of this condition; or

(ii) The individual may reasonably be expected to manifest delusions,

hallucinations, grossly bizarre or disorganized behavior, or other commonly

accepted symptoms of this condition.


and under the neurological portion, it says:


(b) No other seizure disorder, disturbance of consciousness, or  


condition that the Federal Air Surgeon, based on the case history and

appropriate, qualified medical judgment relating to the condition involved,



Makes the person unable to safely perform the duties or exercise

the privileges of the airman certificate applied for or held; or

(2) May reasonably be expected, for the maximum duration of the airman medical

certificate applied for or held, to make the person unable to perform those

duties or exercise those privileges.

Someone who is unable to focus their attention or control their impulses can pose a safety risk to others, so even though this really sucks for my kid, I can see the logic behind it. I.E., research has shown that people with ADHD have more car accidents; There are quite a few parents on my 2E list who have teenagers who are a risk to themselves and other behind the wheel of a car, or who were able to get through school w/o meds but need them to drive safely. I’m just not sure if someone taking meds to control it are OK… or if the drugs taken are a problem as well. And I’m not sure how far back this stuff is looked at… but the impression I got is, it counts. I’m just having a hard time confirming anything that spells out what ADHD is considered in the framework of their requirements. I imagine I’m just going to have to email NASA to find out.

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