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Testosterone Poisoning…

Roro had testosterone poisoning last night. It involved a video game. 8 hours worth. It just made for a very long, angry night. He’s been in a funk ever since he came back from England, which is a pretty normal ‘cycle’ for him… but it’s not what I want to be dealing with right now.

Anyway, he started playing this game last night at about 5PM. I asked him probably half a dozen times to get Daija out of my way while I made dinner. And he has this appt with immigration tomorrow. We talked while he was in England about this letter I was going to help him with. Well, either he wasn’t home or neither he nor I would think of it when he was. We were supposed to get it out of the way last night. So in about hour three of the video game, I go in and say, ‘I have this list of 8 things that need to be done. If you want my help with this letter, tell me what you can take care of.’ Without missing a keystroke, he says, ‘Don’t worry about the letter’ and continues to play the game. I get the kids in bed, and go into the room to get my shoes (I need dryer sheets) and he says to me, ‘if you’re going to the store, go now’. I lost my patience then and asked him if he minded if I didn’t go barefoot. Then while I’m at Safeway, he calls me and asks me to get honey. I told him I wouldn’t buy honey to save him from starving and hung up. And can you believe when I got home he was upset that I hung up on him? He never said anything about the honey I didn’t buy. Oh, and btw, he didn’t turn off that game until 1AM… and I know this because he was playing it right next to me in the bed. Well, he was lying in the bedroom watching cartoons with Daija when I got home… that’s where he was at 5 when he started playing, that’s where he STILL was at 10 when I crawled in bed. Couldn’t move and miss a keystroke. It actually didn’t keep me awake; I just woke up when he started his usual ‘I can’t get comfortable’ side-to-side toss. The fact that 5PM to 1AM is 8 hours pissed me off.

Tonight, he offered to buy pizza (which I took him up on when I discovered my hamburger was still frozen) and although he was glued to a basketball game, he did keep Daija out of the way… even changed her diaper without prompting. However, at about 7 he fell asleep, which he is still doing now.

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