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Rapping at the speed of sound…

Well, due to popular demand I pulled out Tyler’s space book and got him to tell me what he had been about to say. First of all, there was a typo in my other post… the paragraph should have read, the shuttle can travel much faster than the speed of sound.

So Tyler’s question was… if you were the fastest rapper in the galaxy, would the shuttle get to outer space before you could say even one word. So we talked a little bit about the speed of sound… and we determined, that if the shuttle took off at the same time the fastest rapper in the galaxy started to rap, the shuttle would get to space, much faster than the sound of the rapper’s voice. At least, I think that’s how it works.

It really sucks to have a kid smarter than you are. 

After I got home last night and got the girls in bed, I asked Tyler if he’d read any of the ‘How to Become an Astronaut 101’ articles I’d given him. He said, yeah… I learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know. I showed him some of the stuff I printed about the Civil Air Patrol, and had him read it, then asked him, do you think that’s something you’d like to do? And he looked at me and said

I am going to do that. 

And we talked a little bit about how it is soooo hard to become an astronaut… so he will have to work very hard starting now, but that even if he can’t be an astronaut, there are still lots of other jobs he could do at NASA. He thought I meant he had to get a job now. I told him, no… that means you have to work hard in math and science. And you have to be a certain height (he cried, OH NO, I said don’t worry… it’s not really tall and he sighed, Oh, good!), so you have to eat right so your body has fuel to grow. You have to make sure you never ever do drugs, because drugs can hurt your body so badly. He brings up that, drugs are medicine.

So then we get into this discussion about legal and illegal drugs. There are prescription drugs that you get from a doctor that you need to help your body, but there are other drugs that are not legal, and it’s not legal to take Rx drugs that are not yours. I remind him that some drugs are so dangerous that you can die the very first time you take them. I told him that I’d never done any drugs, so I knew he could NOT do drugs too. I told him how a lot of poeple I went to school with did drugs. He wanted to know how old… I said 13 or 14. He was puzzled, then said… ’13 is too young to do drugs. They should have waited until they were 20… or maybe 30.’ I was laughing on the inside, but I told him it was not good to do drugs no matter how old you are, but I agreed that 13 was definitely way too young.

Then we started talking about marijuana… I told him that pot kills brain cells so every time you smoke marijuana, you get dumber. I told him that one of the girls I went to school with smoked a lot of marijuana, and she didn’t graduate from high school… didn’t even finish 9th grade, and now she works at a gas station… and that she wouldn’t even be able to get a job mopping floors at NASA.

THEN… Tyler says, ‘so that’s what nana does, right?’ So then I needed to explain the difference in tobacco cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes… one gives you lung cancer, and the other is bad for your lungs, AND it makes you stupid. I am so bad… I’m gonna scar this kid, I swear.

So then he wants to know about other drugs, so I told him about a few, including street names. Now he wants to know what they look like, so he can stay away from them. I told him, we’ll work on learning how to recognize them, but you remember these five things and you will be fine…

  1. Never EVER take a pill from a friend, even if they say it’s just aspirin. Don’t swallow any pills unless me, Ro, your dad, or a school nurse gives them to you.
  2. Never EVER smoke anything. Smoking is always bad for your lungs, and you never know what other drugs might be crushed inside.
  3. Never EVER snort any kind of powder.
  4. Never EVER put a needle in your arm.
  5. Never EVER breathe in any chemicals.
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