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President’s Day Weekend…

The kids had the day off school yesterday so I took a vacation day. Got a good bit done around the house Saturday morning, and then laid down Saturday afternoon after I put Daija down, thinking I would take a quick nap (damn Ro, damn him and his naps)… slept for four hours. Was up half the night Saturday.

Then Sunday I went and took my nana out to lunch. My deadbeat brother (the one previously AWOL) is here again, although I do have to commend that he found himself a job within a week this time. I don’t know if I mentioned, but during the time frame that he was AWOL, he had an online girlfriend from AZ who was a single parent (either pregnant with her first or had just had a baby). Not 100% sure what happened with that relationship. FF to now: Well, he had another online girlfriend from AZ. (see a pattern?) He moved out here and into my nana & mom/step dad’s place. So did his online girlfriend… she and her 3mo daughter (see another pattern?) moved up from Tucson. Now, my brother has been here for all of about three weeks, and he proposed to her a week or two ago. Can y’all just SEE my eyes rolling out of my head and bouncing on the floor? Apparently things aren’t going that well between my nana and mom… my mom feels like my nana doesn’t like her kids (my siblings). Let’s see… my oldest younger sister never so much as sent a card or called to offer her condolences when my grandfather died. My brother… well… do I need to say anything? My youngest sister… well, that’s a long story but she generally has attitude (and this is the sibling I know for a fact that Nana doesn’t like, but I’ve never seen her be nasty about it, at least no more rude then they are to her). Crystal (younger sister #3, sibling #4, the one who lives with me) also tends to be very short with my nana. Now, my nana is getting up there and is certainly getting more and more challenging to deal with, but frankly if my siblings aren’t likable my mother has no one to blame for that. My nana thinks Daniel & Connie & her baby should get their own place… apparently my brother has fines to pay off in KS (I think related to his license) and for this reason, they can’t do that. And apparently my nana, mother, and her hubby have all put in a bid on a house… a 4 bedroom house. My nana says she’s not sure how that happened… she never wanted more than a three bedroom house. I bit my tongue, but I know exactly how this happened… and my nana can probably expect to be living with my brother and whatever desperate for a man single pregnant/just had a baby internet relationship my brother digs up after this girl realizes what my brother is really like. Or, god forbid, she doesn’t realize what he’s really like or is OK with is, which means she’s just as much as a loser as he is.

Oh, and on my way home from there, I got a flat tire on my new car. Go figure, my spare tire is not a donut… it’s a full size spare. Now, I’ve changed plenty of tires, but the spare was always a donut. It is really amazing how much heaver a regular size tire full of air is, than the flat tire you just took off. I never knew air was so damn heavy, and then because I was wobbly maneuvering it, the damn screws on the rotor thing kept moving! Made me sorry I told the first two people who offered to help that I had it. Fortunately a third person stopped and he got the tire on there for me. So that meant a trip to Discount Tire, and I really didn’t feel like I got a discount. I could hear my grandfather’s voice in my head (always have the same kind of tire on all wheels) so since the other three wheels were Michellin… there went $172 out of my pocket.

I also checked out two more preschools – the one I like best is unbelievably cheap, but Daija has to be potty trained first. I would hate to switch Daija mid-year, but I really like this particular daycare and I really don’t want to leave Daija at Francis’ until she’s potty trained. That child is never going to stop telling people to shut up as long as she goes there every day. My plan had been to move her after the kids’ spring break mid/late March, but I’ve been thinking of bumping that up a bit. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do now. I’m back to a toss-up between two preschools that were really comparable as far as price, but the 2yo room in one seemed a little cluttered and the playground equipment was a little sparse, but served meals, and the one that didn’t serve any meals but had better playground equipment. I guess I’m going to have to visit again.

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