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You may call me Madame President!

OK, not of the country or anything, but of my kids’ PTSO (parent teacher student organization). Kinda operates like PTA, but independant from the state/national association. I kinda got it by default – I’ve been asking the principal about PTSO for the two years Tyler has been there, and when they held the informational meeting to form a PTSO, I was the only parent there for the first 30 minutes. So I found myself confirmed on Wednesday, and manning an information table and speaking at a literacy carnival on Thursday. You can imagine, between writing the speech and designing an informational flyer to hand out… didn’t get much sleep wednesday night. Actually, I haven’t gotten much sleep in the last week period.

I’m really excited about this… and nervous too. The school hasn’t had an active PTSO in about five years, and IMO, it was probably because they weren’t well organized. Apparently, the parents involved moved on over to the middle school and there wasn’t anyone to replace them, so I’m guessing they may not have done much in the way of recruiting new members to take over. In a K-3 school that’s really important, since each student is at the school only 4 years, rather than 6 to 9 years as they are in K-5 or K-8 schools. You know how I am with a new project… I’ve spent so much time doing research, and to have a really successful and effective PTSO you have to do a lot more than just send home flyers occasionally. Unfortunately, that seems to be the way most PTSO’s operate. And on top of that, there were four principals in the last five years, and resurrecting PTSO just never happened. So I’m starting from scratch. There is some money in the PTSO account (how much TBD), but there are no bi-laws, no minutes of past meetings, no records whatsoever except the bank statements (the treasurer is an employee at the middle school across the street; she also used to work at our school and she’s just continued to act in that capacity despite the PTSO being defunct).

So I’m researching how to write bi-laws and trying to figure out what committees I’ll need and recruiting members and volunteers. I found some really great resources, one of them being the Three for Me Promise www.three4me.com, and I’ll be using that to launch our volunteer drive. We’ll be pooling for committee chairpersons from that. I’ve got lots of great ideas for events from my research too, and I can’t wait to get those started.

Well, I should get to work, I have potential volunteers to call from the sign up sheet we put out at last week’s literacy fair.

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