“c” is for…

I am actually thinking about charter school, for both kids. I’m just not hearing great things about the gifted program past third grade/over at the Mediocre Middle School. I’m not entirely comfortable with charter schools, there are too many that are run as bad or worse than the public schools. There is an awesome one in Ahwatukee that my friends have their older boys in, but it’s the wrong way for me to be driving. But, I know that a few of the excelling and highly performing schools are charters, so I am starting the search. There are three or four that are reasonable, travel wise, that look worth checking out.

I think Princess does want a challenge/would work if it was something she found interesting or was more under her control. She (independently) was working on these sheets she got somewhere… on each line there was a letter of the alphabet, and the rest of the line was blank. She was filling in a word that started with that letter. She got to ‘c’ and asked me…

Mommy, how do you spell cockroach?

A normal kid would just write cat. Hell, Wild Child would have just written cat. Big Daddy said… couldn’t she just write cat? I asked a coworker, what would you write? and my 30yo coworker, SAID CAT. I don’t think Halle has ever so much as SEEN a cockroach. That’s one of the things that frustrates me most… at home, she carries around paper and pencil and book just as often as she carries around her Barbies. She will get a book and read independently with no instruction from me, and Wild Child still doesn’t even do that. He reads ‘for pleasure’ pretty much only when I tell him to. I think Princess is the kind of kid who would do really well in a home school setting.

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