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A special lunch for Halle…

Here’s a cute story that a friend of mine who works for the school district sent me about Halle… Halle wasn’t permitted to go on a field trip (I have no idea why, and since Halle didn’t seem to care I didn’t even bother to ask, I know I wouldn’t have liked the answer) so our friend decided to take Halle a surprise lunch…

This morning, I went to the cafeteria and asked Ms. Cafeteria if students were allowed to bring outside food to lunch. She said yes, so I told her Halle wouldn’t eat the cafeteria’s meal today. She said Halle’d already paid, so she’s have a credit for the next day. I also told Halle I’d bring her lunch. Well, when I got to the cafeteria with the McD’s, Halle had a lunch tray. Ms. Cafeteria said Halle insisted on getting a lunch. Halle said something like this, “I paid you a dollar fifty this morning for my lunch, so I’m getting a tray. I don’t think my mom’s is gonna bring me a lunch because if she was, she wouldn’t’ve given me a dollar fifty for lunch.” Both Ms. Cafeteria AND her classmate tried to explain it to her, but she was insistant. LOL!! See, that would’ve upset the average adult as Halle being impudent (sp?), when in reality Halle’s reasoning is perfectly logical.

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