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Daija wants the moon…

Last night I was reading with Daija, and after a few rounds of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom she got out another favorite… Grandfather Twilight. I read it to her once and then she flipped through a few pages. On the last page, the dog and cat pictured in the story are curled up asleep. She said to them ‘Good night… I love you…’ then kissed them/the book. When I read it to her again, on the first page you see the door to Grandfather Twilight’s house in the trees, and she reached over and put her fist on it. I asked her if she was knocking, and then she knocked. I ask her sometimes if she can identify objects (where is the moon, where is the cat), after she pointed out to me ‘him glasses’ a couple months ago (there is a picture where the book he’s reading at the beginning of the story is placed on a table with the glasses he was wearing on top). So anyway, instead of asking her to identify objects, I asked her on the next page, what G.T. was doing, expecting her to say something about him reading. She answered ‘him sit chair’ and so I asked ‘What is he doing in the chair?’ and she said ‘him read story’ babble babble ‘him cat’ (cat was curled up on the back of the chair). In the next two pages G.T. unlocks a chest and takes out a pearl, and she told me ‘him lock’ ‘ him keys’ and ‘him open.’ Then the story continues without words and he walks through the forest to the beach, with this pearl growing each step. He releases it into the sky above the water. At this page, Daija reached out and pretended to snatch the big pearl from the sky and said ‘gimme my moon.’ I asked her if she wanted the moon, and she pretended to snatch it again and claimed it as ‘her’ moon. Then the story shows G.T. walking home, and when he approaches his house in the trees, Daija reaches out her fist again, and I realize that she was not knocking… she’s pretending to open the door. She is developing such an imagination!

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