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AmWest-US Air merger’s details revealed

SEC filing features items of note for investors
Dawn Gilbertson
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 29, 2005 12:00 AM

America West Airlines and US Airways weren’t formally engaged until last month, but the pair began flirting well over a year ago.The long-distance courtship began in February 2004, according to new merger documents filed Tuesday with securities regulators. It was a case of opposites attracting: America West was strong on the West Coast, US Airways on the East. The airlines broke up last summer over money differences (US Airways’ expenses were too high) but by the end of the year were talking about getting back together because US Airways was in better shape. They did, in January, and cemented the relationship with a merger announcement on May 19. The new airline will be based in Tempe but called US Airways. The background of the initially hush-hush merger talks was among a host of disclosures in a 386-page legal document the two companies filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. There were no blockbuster revelations involving board dissent over the merger or competing offers or rich insider deals. One airline analyst called the document standard. Still, there were some noteworthy disclosures for shareholders to mull over as they decide whether to approve the merger later this summer:

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