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My boy is home…

Tyler came home not last weekend, but theweekend before. The girls missed him, but it was worse for Daija because she is so little and she got all confused. In her mind, the only daddy is her daddy… so when she would ask Tyler where he was and he said he was at his dad’s house… next thing you know she’s asking Ro ‘Do you have my Tyler?’. So we try to clarify which Daddy Tyler is with… then every time she talked to Ro, she asked him, ‘You my daddy?’ Anyway, it was a fun homecoming. When Tyler left, my sister’s old room at the front of the house had become a catch-all storage dump. When he came home, it was painted and decorated with a galaxy theme, and furnished with a futon we’d been storing, the book case that used to store community toys in the hallway, and his rug, table, NASA posters, and other special momentos. Driving home from the airport (around 3:30AM Saturday morning, no less) I asked if he was really tired and he said ‘only a little bit.’ I told him I’d left his birthday present in the spare room and he could go check it out for a minute before he went to bed.The first thing he noticed was the ceiling walls and the furniture…but then he looked down at the rug from his room, and around at his posters and saw the picture of he and his dad and his Buddha… Oh, you just should have seen his little brain clicking. His eyes were just darting around and then he turns to me and breathes… ‘What is this place? Is this MY new room?’ I’m still touching up trim – I’ll send pictures when I’m finished.

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