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Halle’s Birthday Surprise

Halle got a newly decorated room for her birthday. Saturday told Halle I needed her floor to be toy-free so I could mop (I’d pulled the carpet out the week before suspecting it was the source of the vague urine odor I couldn’t pin down). That night the kids had a ‘movie/slumber party’ on the futon in Tyler’s room and I took all the furniture and toy containers out of the room. Sunday I set up Daija’s bed in what used to be Tyler’s room, and told Halle that she’d sleep in Daija’s room for a couple days because I needed to use some really strong smelly chemicals to clean the floor and she wouldn’t be able to go in there for a few days. I wondered for a second, when Halle pointed out to me that the pee smell had been gone since I took out the carpet, if she was on to me. It wasn’t exactly a lie – but those strong smelly chemicals were post painting clean up for the mess I was about to make, rather than to eliminate a non-existent pee smell 😉 Anyway, from her reaction last night I think I definitely had her fooled! I am all into this color/mood concept now, and for her room I wanted energizing colors. I swear, if there was ever a female designed for a life of leisure it’s my elder daughter. She is so slow it takes her forever to get ready. Her favorite color is, of course, pink, butI wanted something sunny and light so I figured a light yellow or maybe a pale, pale peach and then using pink accents. I am so freakin’ tickled with what I did in there. Took me forever, but I finally found bedding that had the colors I had in mind that was a ‘little girl’ design. It’s easy to find pink/orange coordinates, but most of the colors are hot/fluorescent and it’s more of a teen look. I want some colors that will help wake her up in the morning, but nothing so bold it would keep her up all night, kwim? So I got this quilt and the matching borders and appliqués. I used the border colors to select the paint (blue, yellow, peach, hot pink). I painted the ceiling and about two feet down the wall to the border in blue, and a light yellow called Celestial Sun (more pastel than the walls in the link) from the border to the floor. I did the closet doors and the bedroom door in Whispy Peach (actually, I’m still doing them, they’ll need at least one more coat), and then the door trims and baseboards will be Fiesta Pink.’ My mom came over and hung the border and painted clouds on the ceiling, and after the first few she started getting really creative and made a horse, a butterfly, and a couple other animal type shapes. Ro is getting her this toybox to go under the window. She’ll have something to sit on when getting dressed, and she can keep her bigger Barbie accessories in it. I’m going to put it under her window, so if she wants to put a pillow behind herself she could lean against the wall and read or color there too. I painted her bed and the decorator table (you know those three legged ones you put skirts on? I couldn’t find a skirt in the right color, but they had ones that have a criss cross stand with shelves instead, so I got that) white. It’s a good thing that antiqued/distressed look is so popular… with all the drips and runs the paint definitely looks distressed! Once I’m done painting, I’m going to put a couple of the appliqués on the tabletop. I put up sheer pink curtains and I’m going to put window film with clouds on the windows too. And I have these two old white bookcases I’ve been holding onto – I put one in Halle’s room (the other will go in Daija’s). The very best, and this will probably have to wait until Ro is able to come home again and who knows how long that will be… I’m putting up a dance bar for Halle. It’s really just a towel rack with mirrors above and below (saw it in one of the showcases at Ikea), but when I explained what the towel bar on her bed was for she was hopping up and down in circles.

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