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A Forgotten Update…

Ei just asked me how Daija was liking preschool and I totally forgot to tell y’all what happened. I pulled Daija out of preschool about four weeks ago. She’d gotten aggressive with the teachers right after Ro went on contract the first week of June (he did two weeks training in Toronto and then 6 weeks in Tucson so Daija was only seeing him weekends and she’d gotten used to him picking her up every day) and Tyler left a few days later. I’d been under the impression (because I’d asked regularly and been told) the behavior had not happened prior to him leaving, and that it lasted a few days and then stopped, which under the circumstances I would consider normal. She clearly did not understand where Ro went, and for weeks after Tyler left to see his daddy, she would ask Ro on the phone ‘you got my Tyler?’ Drop offs have been a nightmare ever since they went out of town, and when I picked her up at night she races out the door, and she was never that happy to see me when Frances was watching her. I was concerned that with the transitions at home the environment might not be right for her – not that the teachers weren’t all really sweet – but that it was too many teachers and too many kids she didn’t know. I was planning on waiting until Tyler was home and they’d started school and we were in a semi normal schedule and then re-evaluate, since I thought her day after the initial drop off was going fine. Then the lead teacher was out the first few days of August, and I was told by the assistant her aggression had never stopped on Wednesday. I was furious. Thursday she had another bad day and I was getting what I perceived as a ‘what have you been doing at home to correct this’… to which my answer was, not a damn thing, because she doesn’t charge at me swinging at home when I tell her to clean up her toys and I have ‘my day’ after my day that do not have ‘had aggressive behavior’ checked. She didn’t go back Friday, and I went and picked up her stuff and told them she was leaving. Lead teacher was back, and said that it had stopped, but resumed while she was out sick. Reinforced what I had already decided – too much transition with Ro being gone. Thursday night I started calling daycares and three sounded really good and had openings because school was starting the next week and they had kids leaving to go to kindergarten. Turns out one of them lives at 11th St. & Southern (I’m at 10th & Southern)… she’s on the other side of the beltway behind my house, in the house that I was all mad about cuz it blocked the pretty view I used to have of south mountain from my bedroom. We’re talking and I’m really liking her, then she mentions having a 4mo and I remember the principal at King telling me last spring her cousin lived in my development and had a newborn so I ask, are you related to Miss Principal at MLK? Yes, she’s my cousin. I called Miss Principal at MLK who gave me a glowing reference and a list of her credentials, which Chanel had glossed over (she taught for three years, ran a tutoring program, is working on her masters, etc). I made an appt for Friday afternoon and we just clicked like rice crispies. Daija started there the following week, and it’s been going great. drop offs are still a challenge, but she doesn’t like to leave in the evening which I consider a good sign. By the end of the first week her vocabulary (which I knew she had but rarely used) just exploded, and though she still has tantrums, she is much more responsive when you tell her to use her words.

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