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Oh, I am so hot right now. Long story not so short, I’ve noticed that we miss a lot of maintenance opportunities because the log pages for the deferrals aren’t always updated in a timely manner. Now technically, it is not my responsibility to go in and read these log pages – in a perfect world I get the part they ask for, and it’s really what they need. Once my repair is delivered here, my job is done. We have MEL expeditors that are responsible for getting the parts through the receiving process and routed to the a/c. Unfortunately, I don’t think we give our mechanics the resources (time wise) to do the follow-up paperwork. I raised the issue to a manager in Maintenance Operations a couple weeks ago, and at his request told him I’d follow up whenever I came across an example. So here’s one on a fuel quantity indicating computer (FQIC) that I noticed at the tail end of the day yesterday. I called the controller on duty in MOC (Mx Ops Control) and email the manager of MOC as an FYI. I copied in the warehouse supervisor who was on duty, because at this point both the MEL guys have gone home and someone will need to change a work control package so the part in question, goes tot he right a/c. I leave work to get the kids, but figure, what needs to be done is pretty clear. Just in case… I log into my email at 9:30, and don’t see any follow up from the whs supervisor (who gets off duty at 6PM) except a little note he’d tried to call me. So I call MOC, and the guy on nights doesn’t know anything about it. I call production control, and the guy in charge of scheduling Phx maintenance, doesn’t know anything about it. I give him the details and let him know he needs to switch this part from a/c 628, to a/c 621.

Do you know what happened last night? The FQIC was routed to a/c 628, and we robbed a/c 653 to replace the unit on a/c 621. The FQIC that was routed to a/c 628, was not used and was put back in stock this morning… and has since been issued to be installed on a/c 653. NOW WOULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN A LOT SIMPLER IF THEY’D JUST PUT THAT PART ON A/C 621 LIKE I TOLD THEM TO IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!


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