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Recovering from the Long Weekend…

Saturday we had Halle’s dance class, errands, some house cleaning and a baseball game to which I took all three of my kids and two of their friends. After we got home from the game I started painting – two more coats on the doors, another coat on the bed, and two coats on the baseboards plus touch ups to cover the fiesta pink I got on the celestial sun walls – and putting up the appliques. Got a nosebleed that I’m pretty sure was a result of breathing in all that paint, and then I fell into bed fully clothed (and covered in paint).

Sunday we did yard work and cleaned a little, napped a little, went and order the kids’ cake (it was so CUTE), then back home for dinner and a video, followed by finishing the trim and touch ups in Tyler’s room, and falling into bed at 2AM. Raced around like a maniac Monday to clean some more and have all four of us dressed and presentable for the 11AM arrivals. Three and a half hours of family fun entertainment, and I was just ready to die. I popped the blockbuster video in and passed out for three hours. Those beautiful angels of mine never made a peep – didn’t argue once. When the movie was over, Tyler restarted it from the middle.

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