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Guess What?

ding ding ding ding ding ding

Oh, and he was so happy to see me… he was actually a little wiggly when I stopped outside his pen before someone came to take him out so I could hold him. Of course we had to walk ALLLL the way through this long row of cages of barking dogs to get to a holding area and he was just trembling when the guy handed him to me. I swear he crawled right up to my shoulder and clutched my neck with his paws, just like a little monkey. He’s not a puppy though – they estimate he’s about two years old. And he was a stray with no tag/identification. That, coupled with the fact that he wasn’t already neutered at two years old tells me his previous owner was a careless and/or uneducated owner and that the dog is probably the product of a backyard breeder… the really good breeders usually require you to spay/neuter as part of the purchase contract. So, with that in mind I’m going to assume he may not have much of the right kind of training… so we’ll start with the clicker when we pick him up on Monday.

Halle had planned to name her dog, whenever she got one, Christina, but this fella being a boy, now she needs to come up with a new name. I told her that since Shih Tzu’s were known as ‘little lion dogs’ we should find some names that mean lion. Of course the final decision is Halle’s here are the names I’m going to present. Cool trivia fact: the Shih Tzu is reported to be the oldestand smallest of the Tibetan holy dogs, the lion being associated with the Buddhist deity. Tyler, who has always had a strong affinity for Buddha, thought that way cool.

Abbas (Lion)
Amra (the Lion)
Ari (Lion)
Ariel (God’s Lion, Lion of God)
Asad (Lion)
Danh Tu (Lion)
Leo (the Lion)
Moomba (cute little lion like creature)
Nada (roar; battle cry of a warrior)
Regulus (heart of the lion, little king, the prince)
Shiku (Lion’s Roar)
Simba (Lion)
Tau (Lion)
Usamah (Description of a Lion)

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