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How much is that doggie in the window…

Have I ever mentioned that I have been looking for a Shih Tzu for Halle since January 04? I won’t buy from a backyard breeder, and I can’t afford one from a real breeder (it’d probably run around the equivalent of my mortgage payment), so I’ve been watching out for one to pop up in a shelter and it’s finally happened! Last night I raced over to Animal Control like a maniac to get there before they closed at 5:30. Turns out he isn’t available to adopt until 11AM today. He looked absolutely thrilled when we stopped at his cage… stood on his hind legs with his paws on the cage wagging and sniffed us and licked Halle’s hand, but didn’t bark, spin in circles, or jump, so I’m hoping he’ll be of good temperament. He was in a cage alone and there was some doggie doo outside, and a piddle just inside the door… I figure that’s a good sign that he’s at least got the general idea that his mess belongs outdoors and he makes an effort to get there. Especially in a smelly place like that where he’d be tempted to mark his territory all over the place. Unfortunately, they said they can’t tell me anything about him until today… so I will have to race back over there like a maniac, cuz they don’t take phone inquiries, to find out if he was a stray or an owner turn in, and if he was an owner turn in, why. If he was a lost pet/stray, or the owner just couldn’t manage his hair (possible, cuz he’s only been there since Tuesday and is sporting a very recent ‘buzz cut), he’s ours. If chewing or potty training was an issue, I can probably even handle that (says the woman of a 2yo who won’t use the toilet) cuz problems with that are just as often a owner not training or crating, as a problem with the dog. But if he was a turn in for biting or aggression, that we can’t do.

I’m heading over there at ‘lunch’… I’m afraid he won’t be there by the time I get off work. These dogs just don’t usually turn up in shelters.

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