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Regulus “Reggie” Leo

My GAWD, I forgot how expensive it is to get a new dog. The leash, the harness, the name tag, the food, the food dish, the book that had the best grooming section, the slicker brush, the crate, the water bottle, the ‘pee stake’ and a couple toys and I’ve already spent well over the adoption fee on supplies for the little booger. Ramie has gotten into a bad habit of dragging whoever is walking her… since we’ve had an enclosed yard her walks have become few and far between. Now that Tyler finally weighs more than Ramie does, I have been thinking that I need to get off my duff about breaking that habit and letting him walk her. So I get her a regular 4′ leash because you can’t loose leash train with a retractable leash (what she has now). So tonight I decide to give a quick lesson, and when we’re leashing up I notice Ramie’s name tag is worn almost bare and you can’t make out any one line in it’s entirety, so we need a new tag for her. God save me from myself, I find more ways to spend money than anyone I know.

But on a more cheerful note, I took my nana out for coffee today as a ‘Happy Grandparents Day’ gift… given her age and health I just can’t handle giving her ‘things’ because I can’t help thinking about her not having long to enjoy them. After that, I let Tyler & Daija stay at my mom’s while Halle and I went over to have a little visitation with Reggie. Since he wasn’t technically up for adoption Thursday night when we went to see him we couldn’t play with him. She wasn’t with me when I did the adoption paperwork Friday, which is when I got to hold him. I wanted to give them some time to bond without the other two kids battling for his attention. Also, he’s probably not going to feel too hot Monday night when we pick him up, so I figure spending a little more time getting to know us before his juevos are sore wouldn’t hurt his stress level when we pick him up. He enjoyed being held and carried by both Halle and I and walked really well on a leash for both of us. I mentioned we were coming back the next day and asked if it would be OK if we bring something with Ramie’s scent on it for him, and they said we were welcome to bring her with us and introduce them. I am so thrilled, because I was not looking forward to trying to get both dogs, separately, to a neutral location for their introduction. He seems friendly towards other dogs and was alert but didn’t get hyper when they walked past us today… but assuming he’s not going to be feeling great after a neuter and a car ride, he might not be very receptive to a once over by a dog four times his size (which, btw, is about 9.5 lbs).

So as far as the name, I did this great build up with the definition… “I read about this great name that means Heart of the Lion, Little King, the Prince” and she looked very intrigued. Then I told her “Regulus” and she wrinkled her nose. When I tried to sell her on the Reggie & Ramie combo, she started whining and was on the verge of tears. Moomba got only a slightly better reaction. So I’m tossing out names on the list, and when I get to Leo, she asks me if it’s spelled l-e-o… she wants Leo because she can spell it. I assured her that I would absolutely teach her to spell any name we chose. She was firm on Leo. So I said okay, and then commented in an offhand manner… “Do you remember Miss Neicey? Zoe’s mom?” And she did. She loves Zoe, and since Miss Neicey not only brought Zoe into the world, but also permits Zoe to have Bratz dolls, Miss Neicey is also an object of affection. So I went on to say that I had emailed with her today about the new puppy, and that Miss Neicey had thought Reggie and Ramie sounded REALLY cool. Suddenly, Reggie sounded like a great nick name, and Leo could just be his middle name instead.

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